Welcome to Dianna's webpage.

It has been provided to keep friends and family updated on her life with Fanconi anemia (FA).

Dianna was diagnosed with FA in April 1998.

FA causes aplastic anemia (bone marrow failure), as well as many different types of cancers.

She had a few of the obvious signs of FA: missing both thumbs, deaf in her right ear, very small for her age, and had corrective surgery at birth on her intestines.

Dianna had a sibling donor bone marrow transplant at Medical City Dallas, TX.

Transplant date: October 1, 2008

Dianna went to heaven September 1, 2009


126 Edgewood Dr.
Lewisville, TX 75067
Phone #: 972-436-4816

Normal Blood Count Range:
White blood count: (normal 4.5-13.5)
Red blood count: (normal 4.0-5.20)
HGB: (normal 11.5-15.5)
Platelets: (normal 140-440)
ABS NEUT#: (normal 1.50-6.50)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day + 99 (Total days in hospital= 108)

SUNDAY- 1/04/09:
The new line that was inserted into the port last night was not working, so Dianna was sent down for x-ray with dye.
The line was not in the port, so he inserted another (but it was still not long enough)
So he had to insert another line!
3 lines in 12 hours! :-(
Dianna was sore after all the pokes.
Dianna did eat a few bites today. :-)
MONDAY- 1/05/09:
Dr. Lenarsky asked Dr. Elizabeth (Medical Family Therapist) to come talk to me about Dianna.
They are trying to find a way to get Dianna to eat (and take her medications).
Her blood pressure was high after receiving a blood transfusion.
Dianna did not eat today. :-(
TUESDAY- 1/06/09:
Dianna went down stairs to shop and ride around in the wheel chair.
She picked a noodles to eat for lunch. Yea!
She ate a few noodles. :-)
Dianna's blood pressure was high again tonight. :-(
WEDNESDAY- 1/07/09:
Dianna went down stairs again, but started feeling bad.
She did go visit Dr. Lenarsky's office and got a new Barbie.
Back to her room and Child Life worked with Dianna.
While Child Life was with Dianna- we (me, Granny and Pawpa) moved Dianna to a different room.
In Room # 1211 the heat kept going out! :-(
So NOW- Dianna is in room # 1202.
Again today Dianna did not eat and her blood pressure was high. :-(
During the night the nurse gave her medication for nausea-
it caused her to be restless all night. :-(
THURSDAY- 1/08/09:
Dianna went down stairs today for about an hour.
Again today Dianna is NOT eating and her blood pressure has been very high! :-(
The doctors are beginning to discuss inserting a feeding tube into Dianna's stomach- if she does not start eating! :-(


Tracie said...

Hi Dianna I love you I miss you
I hope you feel better soon.
I hope to see you soon.
Hope and Tracie

Randomly TJ said...

Hang in there Nanette! I'm so proud of you Dianna for eating some today. A little at a time and before you know it you will get to go home and start living life with the family again!!! We are praying for all of you. Much love and happy thoughts being sent your way. ~Teresa & the Harvey's

sarah said...

Sorry to hear about the lines causing you trouble and soreness. I hope that you can start to feel like eating again, you really need your strength right now. Thinking about you and your family everyday, you guys are in my prayers. I'm really looking forward to your mom's post when she says Dianna is getting ready to go home...
Stay strong,

Brenda.Latham said...


Not cool having to get those lines put in, over and over. BUT, if you will keep trying to eat, you will get stronger and you will start feeling better then you could come home!!! YEAH!! Hang tough. Be positive. We are praying for you.


Kevin, Brenda, Dusty & JP Latham

Momma Bear said...

Hello Dianna!

Praying you will begin eating soon and taking your meds! That would be a step closer to going home! Whooo hooo! Give your Momma a hug from us!

Blessings and Bear Hugs,

Mrs. Alexander said...

Dianna, This is Mrs. Alexander, from Lakeland ES... I miss seeing you and your pretty smile and am looking forward to your coming back to school. There is no one to ride in the elevator with!!! Just think that every little bite you take is getting you closer to bringing you back to your friends at Lakeland. See you soon, Mrs. Alexander

Jeanette said...

Dear Dianna
My little grand son also has Fanconi Anemia and he is a bright little boy of 1 1/2 years old. I wish you could both meet each other. Maybe we could correspond by e-mail? My e-mail is: jeanettefo@yahoo.com
Write to me and I will send you some photographs.
I am praying for you dearest girl. Hang in there and remember ,nothing can take away God's grace and love!